State Issues

So many of us have lost confidence in our government and their ability to stand up for us - 'We The People'. Many feel they can no longer trust the people they elect to represent them and that career politicians are only in it to get re-elected, forgetting the promises and issues they stood on during the campaign. Eric Smith intends to maintain his position because he has these same concerns with today's politicians. He is a conservative Republican because they reflect his values.

State Issues: Education

Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMS"Nothing is more important to me than educating the next generation. We need to put more money into the classroom for our children and teachers." Reviewing and revising the rules and regulations that tie district hands as well as the base formula for funding distribution must be the focus in 2019. The end goal should be to get out of the courts and focus on the classroom needs.



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Preserving Traditional Values 

"Our traditional values are under assault every day. The sanctity of life must be protected, and defending Kansan values must be one of our top priorities." The legislature of the next session and the years ahead must have a backbone to withstand the attacks that have begun to grow against the values and beliefs of Kansans. Security of our state is going to rely on the experience of our policy makers and, with over 25 years of military, security,and law enforcement along with more than 15 years of terrorism training, Eric Smith has that experience.

State Issues: Revenue Growth

Jane""I am not a Washington politician so I understand what it's like to live on a budget. The answer should not rely solely upon raising taxes on hardworking people. We need to spend less and bring quality jobs into this state."  Growing revenue must focus on growing jobs, the TRUE foundational piece for a long term solution. Tax reform is a constant and revenues must grow but it must be tempered with reasonable expectations for our state's spending. Each and every piece of the tax plan has an impact on our state's ability to attract revenue. Eric knows that we are not alone in the global economy and how the tax formula must be under constant review and adjustment, focusing on essential services and being careful not to abuse the taxpayer.



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