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Bob Strawder says...

It is with great pleasure that I support Eric L. Smith for election to the Kansas House of Representatives. Eric is one of the best of people I know. He is honest, hard working, dedicated, principled, smart, concerned and seeks the truth in everything. I have no doubt, Eric will always do what he can for the people of House District 76 and the State of Kansas.

Sandy Gholson says... 

I am so glad you are willing to take on this huge responsibility and the mess that will come with it WHEN you are elected!! I for one appreciate the fact that you speak your truth consistently and in plain and simple terms that even those of us who are not as "politically" educated can understand and relate to. I cannot wait to see the great things you will do for our state!!!

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  • NRA
  • Kansans For Life
  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce
  • Kansas Bankers Association
  • Kansas Federation of Independent Business
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