Eric L. Smith

Eric L. Smith is the State Representative for Kansas House District 76. He ran uncontested in the primary race in 2016 and 2018 and won in the general election in November of 2016 64% to 36%. 

Relatively new to the political arena, Eric has committed to representing the conservative mindset that most resembles this district. This committment requires a dedication to meeting the people, learning their concerns and becoming involved, firsthand, in the processes that will determine our children's future.

The Public Servant...

With over 25 years of military, security, and law enforcement experience, Eric has shown a willingness to sacrifice to make things right; to remain calm and effective under pressure; to be the voice of reason in times of intense conflict. What this state does NOT need is someone who is intent on antagonizing and dividing to further personal and/or party position. At a time when media bias and ultra ideologies are increasingly provocative, we need someone who can wade past the drama and get to the root of the problem.  Eric Smith is a homegrown, level-headed public servant with concerns for his community beyond one or two issues.  

"The bissues of growing Kansas have to be our main focus. We need to quit increasing taxes and focus on increasing Kansans!"

Why serve in the Kansas House of Representatives?

Eric and his wife Becky
Eric and his wife Becky

One of the driving issues that introduced Eric to the political arena was his efforts on educating the Kansas Legislature regarding Article V of the United States Constitution which gives the individual states the power to call for a convening of the several states to make changes -amendments- to our nation's Constitution. Issues forcing this idea included term limits, balanced budget, and federal overreach into state's powers. None of these issues are going to be solved at the federal level and Eric wanted others to know how they could be handled from the state level and EXACTLY how our forefathers intended. He began to teach others about why this part of the Constitution was included by our nation's founders.  Eric has always believed in a government "...BY the people" and was not willing to sit by and let things just 'happen'.  Action was required and helping others to make it happen was his mission. How better to make that happen than to get involved himself as a representative of the people?

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